Phu Quoc Island is the largest Island of Vietnam with 48 km long and represents a total of 574 km2. The heart shaped island located on the Gulf of Thailand on the South West of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta, features spectacular sea sunset on its West coast.

Phu Quoc Island despite the recent tourism development is still a quiet Island with pristine beaches and dense tropical jungle. The National Park covers close to 70% of the island: land and sea.

Phu Quoc is world famous for its two traditional products : nước mắm (fish sauce) and pepper.

Phu Quoc Island offers plenty activities to entertain all ages and to cheer you and your family up during your holiday : from bird watching at Phu Quoc’s National Park which is recognized by UNESCO world biosphere reserve, to sightseeing (pepper farm, fish sauce factory, pearl farm, and also a bee farm from which our honey is sourced, Dinh Cau Rock Temple, the symbol of the island), scuba-diving or snorkeling or golf. Phu Quoc islands has something special for everyone.

The island is connected to the mainland with a minimum of 15 flights daily.