Phu Quoc Pepper Plantation

Phu Quoc Pepper Plantation

Phu Quoc pepper is one of the finest pepper in the world and the best you could find in Vietnam. During your stay in our beautiful Phu Quoc Island do not miss to visit one of the numerous pepper farms lying on the road. It a worth visit and experience and you will bring home an inexpensive spicy to lift your cooking up. 

The main harvesting season run from February to July, however you can visit the farms all year around. The peppercorn are still harvest by hands and divided into 3 kinds: black pepper, white pepper and red pepper. The red pepper is especially very famous for its heat and strong aroma. Farmers in Phu Quoc do not use any kind of chemical fertilizers but only natural fertilizers. Plus the peppers are dry naturally by the sunlight and not with a machine as in other regions.

Phu Quoc produces about 1,000 tons of the best quality of peppercorn on the market and there is approximately 385 ha of pepper farms. You will find most of the pepper plantations in Cua Dong and Cua Can Villages which are very close to Chen Sea Resort & Spa. You can visit the farms, take pictures or just look at the pepper gardens.

You love riding a bicycle?  Take and ride a bicycle from Chen Sea Resort & Spa and visit one of the farm near by. Julia, our Guest Relationship Manager, will be happy to recommend you one of the pepper farm around. On your way back, I would suggest you to have a look on the wooden bridges on Cua Can Villages. A very unique and pleasant experience to discover the local life.  Do not forget to bring your camera along with you to share with your relatives back home.

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