Your employees stole my sneakers

Your employees stole my sneakers

When I arrived five years ago, this was one of the major complains at the Chen Sea ahead of my arrival. I had to make an investigation to try to understand and if true to take measures.  And I found the true story.

Though we have a good security, respecting the right of way on the Beach, but protecting the exclusivity of the Resort, there is no way to block stray dogs and cats… We cannot block them, but we can be dissuasive to ensure that they do not consider the Chen Sea as their territory.

Some Guests hate these stray animals, which are not really pets, and some Guests love them. Those loving them, always crack under pressure, and feed them. So, the stray dog or cat will return and return, because a free meal in Phu Quoc is a rarity. The room of the Guests becomes their territory and other fur balls are not welcomed.

This goes on for days, according to the length of the stay of the Guests. Now what is happening when the Guests check out and when they failed to inform “Their Pet” that they were going away. The pet is returning to the same room, sense a change in the population of his territory, and waits for his food.

If the Guests do not appreciate the nuisance, they will do their best to get rid of the animal. As caution must be exercised with strays, one can understand very quickly the need to be prudent. So, the Guests rightly complain for us to do the needful. We get rid of the animal and this is where the fun starts.

If the stray is disappointed, he will return in the night and if the Guests has left his sneakers to breathe all night on the terrace, the dog will steal the shoes to ensure that if he has no food at least he can have the mother of all toys: a pair of shoes. And this is when we find here and there some shoes with a very strange design I could say.

So, animal and pet lovers, please do not feed the dogs and cats. When you stop, the dog gets edgy and strays are a bit wild. When you stop to feed a cat, he will go after our geckos, lizards, dragon lizards and anything that is catchable.  Please understand that we do not hate animals, it is just that it is a nuisance for us and for many Guests.

Non-lovers, call on us, be understanding as we always try to ensure that we are free from strays. But it is not easy and we won’t start to kill the animals. No way, I am sorry. And please rest assured that our Employees do not steel your shoes.

Chen Sea Team


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  1. Colin Simmonds says:

    I am definitely not a dog lover would the resort be a problem for me ??


    1. Dear Colin
      We do not have dog in Chen Sea Resort.
      Kind regards
      Chen Sea Team


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