Do we have Vietnamese food at Chen Sea?

Do we have Vietnamese food at Chen Sea?

This is a recurring question, though less and less, in Trip Advisor for example.

I always answer that yes we have but we do not do Street Food, and MSG is banned at the Chen Sea. This is a minimum to protect the health of our Guests. It is a problem though, because if you eat street food for a couple of weeks before heading to the Chen Sea, you will be addicted to it, your palate fully corrupted with this poison.

At lunch, today, I was with some professionals of the Tourism Industry including a Vietnamese Executive of an important Vietnamese Company. Then I said that if they were expecting Street Food they will be disappointed. The Vietnamese Gentleman answered to me: No Olivier you do not do Street Food, you do great genuine Vietnamese Food.

We have a selection of 25 traditional Vietnamese recipes, with a very precise origin, and a recipe that we absolutely respect, to ensure that the dish is at its best. Those dishes are permanently available as part of our main A La Carte. This is roughly a third of our proposals.

Then we have a Vietnamese traditional Buffet.  A different selection of Vietnamese specialties. Please, try it to discover the Vietnamese Cuisine. Cuisine for Foodies, not street food which can be excellent so far Hygiene is guaranteed.  I was in Java last week and yes, we indulged ourselves in street food and it was out of this world.  The way it was 40 years ago.

Now that we have reached this level in Vietnamese Cuisine, we are going to experiment a new product. Maybe we shall be ready for December, as this is a lot of work for our Executive Chef and Vietnamese Executive Sous Chef. This will be a private dinner for 2 persons, cooked by our Chef, and inspired by the Imperial Cuisine. I am not saying that we’ll reach this level of Gastronomy, I just say that our Foodies Guests will have a unique opportunity to eat a special dinner which is far from being common, smile…

Please try our Vietnamese food and you might be bluffed. And do not block yourself to the fact that we propose other kinds of food. It is normal out of one Kitchen and one Restaurant. How to please many different kinds of expectations when it comes to food.  We must not forget that some Guests arrive at the Chen Sea and tell me: “After 2 weeks in Vietnam and 2 weeks of noodles, I hope there is something else to eat.”

Yes, we have plenty of different directions to try to suit as many Guests as possible. Not easy but we won’t stop trying. So, try!

Chen Sea Team


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