Patience is Mother of all Virtues

Patience is the Mother of all virtues

This Spanish author added as well “and the Godmother of madness” But back to patience, it is interesting to note that this quote is true.

It’s been five years that we fight with our Administration so to be finally accredited by The Environment Authorities. Five years of work, tens of thousands of dollars spent on additional investments.  Serious properties always work with an outside Consulting firm specialized in Safety, Security and Hygiene. The reports were available before Online which is a transparency that both Guests and Tourism Professionals should expect.

Our next Audit with the Consultant will happen in December and we shall publish the results again. Guests are very concerned and it is legitimate.  Though I wonder why if you have young children you expect a lot of Hygiene from us and you bring your children to the Night Market where Hygiene does not exist!

In the meantime, on a routinely basis, local and provincial Authorities check on us, while there are so many others that would deserve their visit on an urgent base. As said upfront this story goes on for five years and two days ago we finically got a written and signed statement recognizing how performing we are with the Environment.

This is what they noted: “Based on the site inspection, the Board of inspection concludes that the Company has complied all the relevant provisions required by laws regarding environmental protection. Accordingly, the Board of inspection would like to request the company to remain these positive results and comply with all the provisions indicated in the Environmental Protection Commitment as agreed by the company before”.

Four decisive lines that do not make us better compared to last week, but four important lines that give us the right to keep up operating the Chen Sea in peace. Well here it is not enough to respect the International rules and Laws on Hygiene; you have to respect the local ones and this is what is highly complicated.

Nevertheless, we have been certified as great defenders of the Environment in Phu Quoc and we are extremely pleased of that.

Chen Sea Team


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