Chen Sea is Phu Quoc

Chen Sea is Phu Quoc

We know how different Chen Sea is.  The list of differences is endless. Yesterday I had a great time during a wonderful dinner which means good company, good food and Margaux on the table. You can’t get it wrong… But something made me feel a bit not so comfy. The set up was in a meeting room. Modern Resort, construction work over your head, the sea seemed to be so far and the vegetation, very well ordained, was two years old.  But this is what Phu Quoc is becoming, away from any personal consideration, liking or disliking.

Some days back I had the pleasure to welcome some tourism professionals, eight of them coming from Germany. In ten days, they have seen 50 hotels and resorts, so I decided to offer them a break, a breather. I invited them for lunch, chose plenty of dishes for them to try as much as we have from our A La Carte, small quantities of course. They all wanted water and juices, and they all had a great Chardonnay.  They had 45 minutes, I took two hours from them.

They had great food, great wine, great fun, an answer to any question they had, a peaceful and beautiful environment.  They were starting to breathe, feel alive, and loving it. This is the Chen Sea. This was a memorable inspection to use our jargon.

Then came the time to hop in the coach to go and see the next Resort under the rain… they all thanked me, which you could say was a minimum, though in fact I was thanking them to come from so far to discover who we are. Then the unexpected, there is always an unexpected in the life of a Hotel. They all thanked me saying: “Thank you Olivier for showing us the other face of Phu Quoc, Chen Sea is Phu Quoc.” One even said, now I love Phu Quoc.

They are Professionals and they will sell Phu Quoc, but it does not mean that they liked what they have seen, where they stayed and what the Island is becoming. But coming to us, they loved what they saw, they wanted so much to have stayed with us and we changed their opinion on Phu Quoc.

Yes, it is a bit too much to claim that Chen Sea is Phu Quoc, but this is certainly what the Chen Sea Guests feel. We feel good about this, and yes we do subscribe to this with a big smile.

Olivier, General Manager

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