The Meaning of a Tree

The meaning of a tree

What is a tree in a world where deforestation for food related plantations is more important than the tree itself? The answer is, well you know the answer.  If this tree was so important for our future, this tree would still be alive, and apparently very few believe in this.

In this part of the world, I cannot remember how many forests have been destroyed. It is huge and everybody knows it. It will never end, and everybody knows it. It is making headlines every year for decades, and nothing changes.

In Phu Quoc, Well we do not know.  When I arrived five years ago, the aim was to protect 70% of the forest.  Now articles show that the consideration is 50%, so future will tell us. And this is why we can only focus on the Chen Sea so to protect the trees, plant new trees and so on.

We plant a lot and we maintain a lot. We have an old Banyan Tree, 100 years old, and it is magnificent. Luckily, with its three trunks we might keep it. As yes, we lost one, his brother.  They grew together around the same time… Just that one could not make it. Water killed it and aftermath, the only thing that we could say is that “Thanks God, Guests were not awaken yet”

six months ago, the bad weather took him. it is only after that event that we understood the reason and did the needful to protect our last Banyan. Then we called the monk.  This is important for the spirit of the tree as he has no more house. Then sometime there is more than one spirit housed in a special tree. Spirits know the importance of a tree.

As said our dear Monk came, so to ensure that the spirits were respectfully taken care of, gently asking them to shift to the brother tree and they accepted, we were lucky. Now they have a great house as this tree is unique. They can live with us, watching over the property and our Guests, protecting us.

We were so sad to lose this sublime tree and now we ensure to try not to lose another one, because he is our last Banyan in the property. We need his blessing, we need his peace, we need his experience and we need his beauty and grandeur. A tree is made to be respected and protected.

This tree is made to be loved.

Olivier, General Manager

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