How is the Weather next April?

How is the Weather next April?

Very often Guests ask me how the weather will be in 6 or 8 months from now. Wow… That is a tough one

After 35 years spent in the Tropical world with a Tropical climate, and with two seasons only, it was quite predictable. Monsoon was coming on time, ending on time, and the pattern was always the same.

For the last three years it is way more chaotic and way more unpredictable. Having rain until December is now common though officially the Monsoon is over for more than a month. True the Sea is quiet, the wind has dropped, but late tropical depressions or storms are common now.

The early signs of the end of the Monsoon are already showing up, but we’ll still have rain for quite a while. The other day the cicadas were behind us in the forest, ready to come over the property as they like the spot. Then they moved away as it was still too much Monsoon for them.

it is at this period that the black cranes living in front of our Bar used to return from migration, ready for the beautiful season. But they do not migrate anymore.

The Hornbill family is trying to return to our area, they love so much our centenary Banyan tree. This one is so healthy that it gives fruits at least 3 times a year.  They love a late snack before hitting the nest to sleep. yesterday they tried and shied away.  But they will return.

At least this year we didn’t see the lost frigates. last year they were flying North along our shore at a very low altitude without a clue where they were. Magnificent well ordained squadrons flight.  Impressive but worrying as they are supposed to migrate South and they do not come to our shore.

YES, I have difficulties to guarantee the weather months ahead to my Guests candidly asking for this information. Even the Fauna is lost!!! But the frogs have a blast!

Olivier, General Manager

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