Nearly a year ago, we set the Chen Sea Resort & Spa as an Exclusive Resort for its Resident Guests. The move is not unusual, but quite rare in fact. We took this decision for very good reasons.

Guests review us like any other hotel and they rank us in the 5* category, and for some in the 6* category which is a bit too much on both accounts. But it is not that our Guests were wrong, they were just expressing a feeling they had after experiencing the Chen Sea. We just do our very best to be a very good 4*, simply.

It is true that our Global Recognition Index is high, and some top properties would like to have our kind of reviewing. We have been ranked as number 10 in the TOP25 Hotels in Vietnam by Trip Advisor, and consequently we have been ranked well above many 5* properties in the Country. We do not take this reviewing as an achievement, but more as a confirmation that we are on the right track.

So what creates this feeling at the Chen Sea. One of our main features is our environment. Private Beach in a small cove on one side, the forest of the National Park behind us, yes we have the best location in Phu Quoc.

Furthermore, we have a low density of Guests as per the size of our land. On 3 hectares of land when we are fully booked, 100 Guests enjoy the Chen Sea. I know a Company who on 3 hectares of land can set 2000 Guests, plus 1000 employees. This is not a resort this is a town.

So Guests have decided that we were the most exclusive spot on Phu Quoc. They are right, but it also means that many tourists choosing a different and more affordable accommodation in Phu Quoc, wanted to come to the Chen Sea to spend their day. I receive many emails asking for the price of a day pass, or even the price of our entry ticket to the pool… Then few times before, when we accepted outsiders, many of them didn’t want to accept our rules of priority to our Resident Guests. We had a serious problem.

On the top of it, and to be fair to our dear Guests, we had to recognize that the exclusivity of the Chen Sea comes at a price. Why diluting their experiencing with Outsiders believing that they were the same kind of Guests than our Residents?

This is why we decided to make the Chen Sea Resort & Spa a private and secure place for our Guests to enjoy our natural exclusive environment. The Chen Sea is entirely theirs.

As English is not my mother tongue I checked in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary what is exclusivity. I found two meanings and no reference to luxury. The first one is “the quality or state of being exclusive”; the second is “the exclusive rights of services”. And yes, it is us at the Chen Sea, we love our Guests and we protect their Chen Sea.

Kind regards,

Olivier, General Manager

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