Food Tasting

Food Tasting

Often we are invited to great Dinners, and usually the aim is to enjoy the food of a very good Chef and the pairing with great wines. This kind of Food and Wine tasting is pleasurable and educational, well at least in most of the cases. We are even going to organize some events like that.

In a Hotel when we do Food Tasting it is usually to select the items that we wish to introduce in our “A La Carte” menu.

The first step is of course to eliminate what the Guests do not order. It is useless to keep it, and often we regret that some savory and unique proposals do not attract our Guests, but that is the way it is. When we have eliminated these items it is easy to determine how many new ones you have to introduce.

Usually you rely on the experience, creativity and skills of your Executive Chef. At the Chen Sea it is a bit different as we do as per our Guests’ requests. Despite not really trying on our Vietnamese traditional recipes, Guests for example ask for more Vietnamese items. Or not realizing that they have consumed MSG for two or three weeks and that their palate is seriously affected by this poison, Guests are asking for more flavors. It has to be understood as “spicy”, because this is the only flavor that could be perceived by a palate already addicted to MSG.

So this past week, I had the pleasure to taste many traditional Vietnamese recipes. We talk about the presentation, the smell, the flavors in the palate, the balance between those flavors, the texture of the items composing the dish. It is very pleasurable, until we are not pleased with a couple of them. Then it is less pleasurable as we sometime eat a particular item up to four days in a row.

But this is through this exercise, that we know that the recipes that we offer are really yummy… This is why our Guests start to discretely talk about “Il Ristorante” as the spot for the Foodies in Phu Quoc, and we intend to keep it that way.

Olivier, General Manager



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