A Good Monsoon

A Good Monsoon

Though the Monsoon patterned has changed because of the climate change, which is also affecting the Tropical Zones but in a more discrete manner, it is still a much needed factor for our life in this region.

In our case in Phu Quoc, it is not so much for the agriculture which is a marginal industry. Phu Quoc has never been an agricultural Island, even if it is true that now many agricultural projects have been developed. From pepper farming to attempt to create some biological vegetables, many believe in this Industry to supply the Hospitality Industry of the Island. And this is something that we do support at the Chen Sea, and as much as we can.

The real reason why we need the rain is to refill the water table. For the moment, and for quite a substantial amount of time, we live and operate our Resort with the water coming from the water table.

The increase of the population, the development of the Tourism Industry, even at an early stage, represent a massive consumption. It is true that the Authorities supply some potable water in some areas, like our main city Duong Dong. But everywhere else, life is based on the bore well and the water table.

As usual there are many cases of abuse that should be stopped as they are well documented. It will happen one day, maybe… At the Chen Sea we know the value of water and how to be savvy, and how to recycle water for the watering of the gardens when the rain has stopped.

In the meantime, we bless the Monsoon, even if some of our Guests find it a bit too much on certain instances. Still the majority of our Guests enjoy the Chen Sea with philosophy, enjoying the art of “Dolce far niente”, even under the rain.

Soon, the Monsoon will be over, the weather will be stunning, and we shall wait for the next rain.

Olivier, General Manager

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